Chapter Annual General Meeting & Board Elections 2022

Chapter Annual General Meeting
Board Elections 2022
Monday, November 7th at the Chapter Meeting Room

From: Chapter Vice President, Octavian Codreanu:

As part of our Annual General Chapter Meeting agenda and as required by our Chapter By-Laws, three Executive Board Positions are to be voted on by those present at the meeting, Monday November 7th, at 7pm. This email serves as notice of the planned membership vote.

The positions to be voted on are Membership Director, Chapter Secretary and Chapter President.

Voting will be held as part of the Annual General Membership Meeting and overseen by Bert Shipman (Nominating Chair), who will tally votes and announce results at the meeting.This complies with Chapter By-laws, which can be viewed at the ‘Members Only’ area of the Chapter web site. Proxy votes are not permitted, your attendance at the meeting is therefore important.

Members in good-standing with the Chapter (ie fully paid for the current year) may now nominate candidates from the membership listing as of the date. Members should please send their nominations to Bert by email here. Nominees must have agreed to stand. The nominations close date is 5pm Friday, October 28th.

The current Chapter Executive Board endorses and recommends the existing incumbents who have agreed to continue in their roles, and offers the following comments in support:

Membership Director: Paul Dolan. Paul has held the position for several years and has been highly effective in communicating with the membership, with new members and in growing the membership base, promoting membership annual renewals critical to the overall funding of the Chapter. Paul recently and successfully converted the Chapter Membership database to a new platform, with additional membership features.Through his professional expertise and experience Paul also designs and produces Chapter posters, documents and advertising materials.
Nominated by: Mike Parry, Bud Swenson, Octavian Codreanu and Brad Carnegie (existing Board membership)

Chapter Secretary: Bud Swenson. Taking on both the Secretary AND Treasurers jobs (after the Chapter Treasurer quit the role mid-term) Bud has made a significant contribution on many fronts of Chapter business and activities in the past 18 months. As Board Secretary his notes and publication of key Chapter meetings activities are thorough and timely, critical to the Boards operation and in communicating with our membership. Bud also is a major contributor to Young Eagle flights oversight as an organizer AND pilot.
Nominated by: Mike Parry, Paul Dolan, Octavian Codreanu and Brad Carnegie (existing Board membership)

Chapter President: Mike Parry. Mike has done an outstanding job leading the Chapter through the tough times caused by the ongoing pandemic. He reached out to the rest of the board with ideas to keep the chapter moving forward when fly-outs and in-person meetings were not possible, keeping the members engaged and listening to their concerns. Mike stepped up to the plate and took the classes required to get his Food Manager certification in preparation for re-starting our main fundraising events, the Pancake Breakfasts. He also puts together our chapter newsletters and event announcements, making sure they’re delivered to our members in a timely fashion.
Nominated by: Paul Dolan, Octavian Codreanu, Bud Swenson and Brad Carnegie (existing Board membership)

Members should please plan on attending the November 7th Membership Meeting to have your vote counted and contribute to Chapter direction and operations – all as part of our Annual General Review.

In addition to the vote, we’ll review the past year’s Chapter activities, challenges and accomplishments and look forward to 2023 and our collective ambitions for the new year.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact me.

Chapter By-Laws are available at the Chapter web site, ‘Members Only’ page.

Octavian Codreanu
Chapter Vice President, EAA240