Hangar Happenings This Weekend

Members attending the October Membership Meeting will recall I mentioned the use of the Chapter Hangar this weekend – for very special members event.

Sarah Gault and Thorne Harkin are getting married Saturday at the 240 Hangar, with a large group of guests, family and friends. We’ve worked to prepare the hangar facility for them this week as they will hold a rehearsal, and a catered-dinner for invited guests Friday evening at the hangar, and the main service will be Saturday.

On Saturday, buses will transport the wedding party to their late afternoon and evening celebrations in Wilmington.

Our congratulations to Thorne and Sarah!

At the hangar, we’re expecting chair deliveries this week, and the decorating of the hangar for the dinner and service. The two existing 240 member plane builds are aware and involved in the planning and preparations for this very special event.

NOTE to CHAPTER MEMBERS : Chapter activities at the hangar for Friday & Saturday are cancelled (please), with no member access to the hangar except for emergency needs, and with the Fly-Out Briefing occurring Saturday morning at the FBO and airport apron (please). Chapter members – please DO NOT PARK CARS at the Chapter hangar, instead use the airport parking lot. This will enable access for the wedding party and buses.

The Chapter Hangar will return to normal operations, access and parking from noon Sunday.

Thanks! Another very special EAA240 event in progress! Please let me know if you have any questions:

Mike Parry