Membership Voting – Executive Board 2022-2024

From the Chapter Election Nomination Committee – Dan & Bert:

Every two years we are required to seek nominations and then to vote on candidates for four Chapter Board positions;   

-Vice President 
 -Chapter Secretary

Please consider volunteering for these positions, or nominating others for the role, with their approval.

The election process, which will be announced shortly, is being managed by Chapter members Dan Gutierrez and Bert Shipman, who will relay the results to the membership.

ACTION NEEDED: Nominations should be sent now to Bert and Dan at 

to be received no later than October 21st.Members are asked to actively participate and vote in the elections that will help set our course for the years ahead for this unique and great Chapter. 

 Dan Gutierrez, Bert Shipman
Chapter 240 Election Nominating Committee 2021