5K Run & Pancake Breakfast – a Successful Day!

With the runways closed to air traffic Runners took to the taxiways, runway and much of the airport perimeter to complete the Airport ‘Run the Runway 5K’, YMCA “Girls on the Run” and “Stride Program”.

It was a perfect morning for the runners, with clear skies, warm breezes and lots of entertainment and support on-hand. The countdown led to a 9am start and they were off! Runners soon were passing in front of the Chapter hangar where water stations had been set up, and proved very popular!

At 5K (3.1 miles) the run was over and runners began to look for the EAA240 Pancake Breakfast. Runners and supporters had prepaid for their breakfasts and we checked them in. The strong turnout of EAA240 volunteers ensured quick and tasty service, generating many compliments and much appreciation.

It was a splendid and successful day for the community, for the airport and for the Chapter!

Thanks again to all who volunteered and who assisted in the setup, execution and clean-up. Team work in action!