First of the Year – Lancaster Fly-Out

A great start to the fly-out season!

Weather was on our side, the US President was somewhere else and everyone was eager to fly! Nine planes and twenty pilots and passengers assembled for the flight to Lancaster airport, last Saturday, February 18th.

We “called ahead”, giving the tower a fair warning that they would have to deal with a sudden influx of aircraft. Things definitely got busy for 10-15 minutes as we all lined up for the two runways and made perfect landings. Good controlled airport practice for all participants.

Following our arrival and assembly in the FBO lobby, we split into smaller groups and headed over to the LNS tower. A special thanks to our member, Michael Thelen, for shuttling people back and forth from the FBO to the tower. We got to see both tower and ground controllers in action, handling multiple departures and arrivals while simultaneously managing to entertain us and answer our questions (which we had plenty). Our thanks to the Tower and airport teams!

After the tower visit, we headed over to the airport restaurant, where we enjoyed a great lunch with plenty of conversations and – of course – hangar flying. A lot of smiling, happy faces! The flight home was uneventful, and we’re all looking forward to our next event.

Thank you to all pilots and passengers for joining us!

Mark your calendars for March 11th, which will have us going to another favorite spots, Sky Manor, NJ (N40). A popular spot for breakfast and lunch, always rated high by pilots, and we’re looking forward to being there again.

We’ve mapped out our Fly-Out plans for the entire year, with dates and destinations. Check-out the listing at the Chapter Events Calendar.

Chapter Events Team 2023