A Fun Day! PB & YE’s – May 21st

EAA240 Volunteers shine!

No flight restrictions, a beautiful day, a great breakfast, hungry breakfasters, kids and families looking for their first plane ride……a magical combination.

EAA240 volunteers made all this happen for our local kids, and our family breakfasters who have returned for our breakfasts in large numbers, plus several fly-in’s who all joined us yesterday. We fed, we flew and we provided a great GA and local-airport experience for a lot of folks.

Our ‘Increasingly Famous’ Pancake Breakfast was complemented by a beautiful day and no flight restrictions-yeh! Young Eagle Flights finally happened, resulting in 22 smiling faces! Many of those future aviators left excitedly telling mom and dad how they piloted the airplane, spoke on the radio and more. New Garden Flying Field was really busy with aircraft operations happening on both sides of the runway, with Brandywine Soaring Association offering Young Eagle glider rides on one side, and EAA Chapter 240 flew on the other. A great team effort.

Meanwhile, Pancake Breakfasts were being served at a fast rate up at the Chapter hangar, where we heard tales of kids flight experiences and received the thanks of grateful parents. We served 166 breakfasts, got a lot of compliments for our food and service, and it generated generous donations for our Chapter operations.

Congratulations to our many volunteers who planned, prepared and executed the range of event activities; to the pilots, ground crew, food preparers, cooks, washer-uppers and hangar space restorers – all who contributed to the success of the day. Well done all! It was a fun day, with EAA240 at its best.

Our next Pancake Breakfast and Young Eagles Event is Saturday, June 18. Come join in! More pilots, planes, ground crew, food preparers, cooks etc are most welcome to join the team and the fun, supporting our future aviators and our local and loyal followers.

Chapter Events Team 2022