Sugar Bun Feast!

The Chapter group had a great flying day Sunday, with no trace of the weather that forced the postponement on Saturday. Three aircraft and 10 participants signed-up, but one aircraft unfortunately had to cancel last minute. This didn’t deter us, so two planes with seven people took off for a leisurely and scenic one-hour flight to Easton airport in Maryland.

On landing, we took a few minutes to admire the F-104 displayed on the ramp, before heading into the restaurant for a very enjoyable breakfast. While nobody thought it would be wise to devour an entire sugar bun on their own, on top of the main course, we all got the chance to sample them.

There were plenty of aviation discussions around the table, revolving around pilot experiences, high vs low wing and transitioning from one to the other and observing other pilots’ landings. On our way out, we stopped at the pilot shop and took a look at the various items – with the aviation bumper stickers receiving close scrutiny. While on the ramp, the aviation conversations continued for a bit longer while we waited for some of the departure backlog to clear. The great weather had brought in multiple other aircraft and there was a bit of a traffic jam on the departure end of the runway. 

The flight back to New Garden was uneventful, with just a few bumps that didn’t bother us. It was a great fly-out on what looked like another bad weather weekend – but we held on and we were rewarded with a gorgeous day to be in the air. Thank you everyone, and see you at the next fly-out!

As a reminder, all Chapter planned activities can be seen at the Events Page of the Chapter web site.

See you this Saturday at the BaconFest,

Octavian, Flight Leader