Fly-Out to Eagles Mere

Our late-August Fly-Out is one we’ve been hoping to do for some time: a visit to the Eagles Mere Air and Auto Museums.

The Eagles Mere Air Museum is located at Merritt Field (4PN7), a private airport about 2.5 miles east of Eagles Mere, PA. The airport is atop a mountain in the beautiful Endless Mountains region in central Pennsylvania with an expansive collection of rare aircraft and engines. Many of the collectibles are the only examples remaining in flying condition, with vintage aircraft ranging from 1917 to 1944 and engines from 1908.

Additionally, the adjacent Eagles Mere Auto Museum represents an era when the United States dominated the auto manufacturing industry and Americans were full of confidence, optimism, and youthful exuberance. The museum is the ultimate collection of American made cars and trucks from the 1950s and 1960s.

An $8 admission fee covers both museums, and food is available onsite.

Rain date is Sunday.

As the Air Museum operates demonstration flights at weekends inbound and outbound transit flights are closely managed and need to be scheduled in advance. The Events team will coordinate all flights for EAA240 members, which requires pilots to please register with the Events Team, provide aircraft information, timing etc. The Events Team will log your arrival with the museum and provide radio frequencies prior to departure. Pilots should plan flights to arrive before 11am, and note the transition via or around the Reading TRSA. Distance from N57 is 100miles.

Pilots must read and be aware of the airport details, landing procedures, airport layout, runways and moreā€¦.all detailed here. Pilots and passengers must each print and bring along the Release document that is included in the Airport Procedures at the link.

The Events Team will coordinate EAA240 arrivals with the Museum for pilots & planes that register for the Fly-Out. As you register, be sure to provide contact information and plane details (type, N-number, available passenger seats). Please also plan to attend the Final Pilot Flight Briefing at 8:30am Saturday August 24th, at the Chapter Hangar N57. Wheels-up at 9 to 9:30am.

Watch out for more emails and communications on this Fly-Out, as the date approaches.

Meanwhile, questions? email

More information about the museums, including some wonderful images of the aircraft and cars here

Register for the Fly-Out here or email


Your EAA240 Events Team