Flight Training Scholarships 2019

Fred Kacena Scholarship Award – Opening April 1st

EAA240 Flight Training Scholarships are being awarded in 2019, valued at $2,000. EAA240 members are encouraged to seek out and recommend potential candidates and assist them in applying.

Our process begins in April when we invite applicants who are between the ages of 16 and 23, and who meet the requirements of the award (listed on the application form (see below). Applicants must be US citizens and resident in the Tri-State area. Flight training will take place at the Flight Connection Flying School based at New Garden Flying Field, Pennsylvania. Candidates should please read the application form very carefully before applying.

The closure date for applications is April 30th, and the Selection Committee will review applications and interview a shortlist of candidates. The EAA240 Board and Selection Committee will announce and notify the successful awardees during late June , and flight training funds will be deposited with the New Garden Flight Connection flight school at New Garden Flying Field, where all flight training must occur.

Interested applicants can get more information, including the application forms and instructions, from the Scholarships page were full details are provided.

Please help deserving youngsters achieve their goals in aviation. Applications are now OPEN! Three of EAA240’s past awardees have gone on to successful full-time aviation careers. It works!

Please contact the Committee if you have any questions, emailing scholarship@eaa240.org