Fly- Out Report – South Jersey Regional

What a beautiful day to go flying, after all!

Despite the low ceilings delaying our departure, four aircraft and seven chapter members arrived at South Jersey Regional Airport around noon. The staff was waiting for us and we were quickly seated, ready to enjoy our breakfast (err, lunch). With plenty of options to choose from, there were no duplicate orders. One of the menu options that stood out was the Jetlag Burger (pictured). It was delicious.
After our lunch we headed out to the Air Victory Museum. The staff there was very welcoming, and we got to take a look at their exhibits, some of which were quite unique. A new addition was the Aereon 26 lifting body prototype (, nicknamed “the pumpkin seed”. Its history is definitely worth reading.

Overall, a great visit, with nice and warm weather. See you at the next one!

Events Team 2024

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