Fine Way to End our Year!

What a fine way to end the year for the Chapter! Members gathered for our December get-together, to celebrate Christmas and the holidays, to enjoy an impressive mix of foods and to relish in the company of fellow members, families and invited guests. There were few empty seats as we filled the entire hangar at 1pm on Saturday.

After loading up our plates with varying combinations (and volumes!) of turkey, beef, ham, curried dishes, crab bisque, meatballs, salads along with an array of side-dishes, followed by ice cream and an amazing choice of dessert dishes, cakes,  cookies, pies and more. Bud Swenson then took to the floor to lead the drawing for the holiday prizes, donated and arranged by your Board members. These included several very nice aviation gifts, including free time on the N57 Flight Simulator (donated by Jon Martin), and several Sporty’s aviation products. Prizes also included vouchers enabling members to join the 2024 Young Eagles team, or to join Hangar Work parties in 2024! 

 Plenty of hangar-flying and catch-up holiday conversations followed, as we all wallowed in our satisfied appetites, and we considered the highlights of the year and readied ourselves for the holiday season and the new year to come.

 This was a wonderful informal and relaxed way to wrap up the Chapter main activities for 2023. It was great to see so many members together and to enjoy the camaraderie that is clearly present in our amazing Chapter.

Our thanks to all who contributed the excellent foods we enjoyed and also who helped in the event set-up and breakdown. My personal thanks to my fellow Board members and Chapter Officers for their efforts and expertise throughout the past year, keeping the Chapter moving forward. Hey – we had fun too!

Merry Christmas, seasons greetings and happy, happy holidays!

Mike Parry
President, EAA Chapter 240