What Would You Do?

Over coffee and ample donuts, and using online video’s provided by EAA, member Bob Huxster led a group of Chapter members through several VFR and IFR scenarios where pilots found themselves having to overcome challenging situations. These included combinations of worsening weather, changing flying conditions and the health of the PIC…..asking “what would you do in these circumstances?”. (Play the video below):

IMC-VMC Session Aug 23

Lively discussion ensued as the members considered alternative strategies and solutions, as we moved to overall consensus on the optimal actions necessary for the safety of the flight. It was a fun and helpful Saturday-at-the-Chapter-hangar session, as members described and shared their real-time experiences in similar situations.

Our collective thanks to Bob for organizing and leading in these sessions. We’ll have additional sessions popping up to fill the gap when TFR’s are declared, or forecast weather interrupts our flying.

After working through three very different scenarios we moved to the Chapter Meeting room for a demonstration of the recently installed Brandywine Soaring Club (BSC) Glider Simulator. This is a really impressive and immersive experience that several 240 members also got to try. Local N57 terrain is included giving a very realistic feel to the flying. BSC will offer 240 members further demos and sim flights in the near future.