Renew Your Membership – with a Discount!

As we approach year-end with the encouraging news of multiple vaccines we look forward to a better year ahead for families, for businesses, for aviation and for our Chapter. This past week we cleaned and prepared the Meeting Room and the kitchen area – we’re ready for a return to events, fly-outs and regular meetings as soon as we are permitted and we agree that it is safe to do so.

It should be no surprise that, with drastically reduced fund-raising opportunities in past months, we’ll commence the new year with Chapter funds at their lowest level for many years. But we have fully covered our 2020 utility expenses, 2021 annual insurance premium and managed a number of improvements from general Chapter funds including income from our Renters/Builders and from generous members donations.

Our Annual Membership Renewal Program will commence December 1st and, after a very challenging year, we are especially more dependent in 2021 on membership dues and renewals. It is critical that we are able to sustain the Chapter, our own aviation activities, our sponsorship of general aviation and the fulfillment our role of aviation promotion. Income from membership dues – especially this coming year – will avoid our activities being negatively impacted for the new year and into the future, including membership meetings, Young Eagle flights, Scholarships and the operational maintenance of our unique hangar/workshop/kitchen/meeting room.

Renewal period commences December 1st and, as a special incentive, Members who renew in December or January will receive a $5 discount, with membership renewal rate of just $30 for the year 2021. A bargain!

As always, you can renew online by clicking the link above, or here.

If needed, members can get more information about their status here.

If you have any questions about membership email us here, at

Please consider renewing promptly and ensuring the future of this amazing aviation organization, the fun and camaraderie we have together, plus its contribution and place in local and regional aviation development. Support us. Join us.

Board Members – EAA Chapter 240