Flight Training Scholarships 2020 – Cancelled

From the EAA Chapter 240 Fred Kacena Scholarship Committee April 4, 2020:

We are disappointed to announce that this year’s Fred Kacena Scholarship application and selection process has joined the growing list of cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No scholarships will be awarded for 2020.

The annual scholarship program is offered by EAA240 in memory of the late Fred Kacena, a founding and active member of the chapter for over 40 years. Fred was a generous donor of a major financial gift to Chapter 240. Fred’s scholarship program provides funding for youngsters who show interest in aviation, and are deserving of financial assistance to assist them in accomplishing their dream in aviation. Each year EAA Chapter 240 members donate funds and fundraise to sustain the program.

Unfortunately, however, fate has intervened to cancel our scholarship program for the 2020 year.

Matt Chapman, Melissa Ortega, and Bert Shipman
EAA Chapter 240 Fred Kacena Scholarship Committee

Questions? scholarship@eaa240.org