Young Eagles

Young Eagles 2024 – Free Flights for Kids!

What is Young Eagles?

EAA Chapter 240 Young Eagles program is a unique way of welcoming young people to the wonder, exhilaration and freedom of flight. The program is sponsored by the EAA Aviation Foundation, a non-profit national organization, dedicated to providing a motivational aviation experience for the younger generation.

The initial goal of the EAA National Young Eagles Program was achieved by flying one million children by the year 2003 – the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brother’s flight at Kitty Hawk and the dawn of aviation’s second century.  The program has been so successful that it has been extended indefinitely. EAA Chapter 240 continues to participate in this exciting program, offering  truly unforgettable experience of flying above the Tri-State area. Each year we fly 100+ kids – for free. The Young Eagles program is for youngsters ages 8 – 17 years. 

Our 2024 Flight Schedule

We plan to fly on the following dates, subject to change:

~ Saturday, April 20th – cancelled – – more information here

~ Saturday, May 18th – cancelled – weather restrictions – – more information here

~ Saturday, June 22nd

~ Saturday, September 14th

~ additional Young Eagle flights may be scheduled, please check back

We make every effort to make these dates and to operate flights per this schedule. However, there are some circumstances beyond our control:

  • Flight restrictions (called TFRs) are often established by the US Secret Service  when the President is at home in Wilmington, Delaware. These can occur with limited notice and when they are in place – often Fridays to Sundays – ALL flight traffic is restricted and we are unable to offer Young Eagle Flights. As soon as we are notified of such restrictions impacting our Young Eagles flights we will post that information at our web site. Please monitor our web site, emails and social media (Twitter) postings for such updates. 
  • Weather Conditions. We want the first flight of any Young Eagle to be a comfortable and safe experience. Weather conditions can sometimes reduce visibility, or create unacceptable turbulence and windy situations. As you would expect, our pilots and the Young Eagles Coordinator will gauge the circumstances at the time and make a go/no-go decision.

How Do I Register My Kids for a Flight?

Registration for our Young Eagles rallies takes place at the event starting at 9am. PLEASE NOTE: there is a registration/waiver form that must be signed by a PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. This can be done on the day, at the event. If a parent/guardian is not attending, please contact us in advance at and we will be happy to mail forms to you. Please note that we cannot accept photocopies of this form, and kids cannot fly without the form being completed. Questions? email us!

How Do The Flights Work?

Young Eagle Flights commence at 9am, and the program closes at noon. Before flying, the Young Eagles are given a presentation of the airplane, it’s flight controls, how it flies and instructions for the 15 to 20 minute flight. Each flight takes place in a registered airplane flown by a licensed, experienced EAA General Aviation pilot, who volunteer their time, their aircraft and their expertise to provide the opportunity of safe flight experience to kids. Standard maneuvers are performed during the flight and the one-time flights are provided free of charge. After the flight, flight certificates and flight log books (signed by the pilot) are awarded to the new Young Eagle, as well as guidance on where to get more information to continue the experience of flying, including online flight instruction at no cost.

Need Additional Information?

For more information about the national program visit the EAA National Young Eagles web site for all the details about this exciting national program.

For questions about the program or schedule please contact the EAA240 Young Eagles Coordinator by clicking here:

To see photographs of our Young Eagles flights click here


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