Hangar Maintenance – Work Party

Dear Chapter240 Members, 

Have you noticed that our wonderful Chapter 240 main hangar door has been looking a little shabby lately?  The paint on the external steel brace has started to flake, and rust is starting to develop!  We need to address this soon to avoid a larger problem later.  To this end we are organizing a mid-week work party on Thursday 7/18 to attack the rust and flakes, to spray etching primer and to topcoat with rust-resistant paint.  We will also be completing some work inside the door to finish insulating and cladding in preparation for the colder weather ahead. 

We are experimenting with a mid-week work session to preserve the weekend for your aviating and family activities.  If you can help, please sign-up for a work slot using the Sign-Up Genius link below.  This will allow us to ensure we have enough tools and materials to work efficiently and complete our tasks before dark.   There are a total of eight workers needed: Four inside the hangar and four outside.   Rumour has it that pizza will be available (but no beer!… at least until the work is finished!)  In the event of bad weather the outside project will be postponed as we can’t paint in the rain.

Click here to sign-up

Thanks in advance for your willingness to preserve our chapter assets and enhance the life of EAA Chapter 240!

Best regards,
Brian Wheeler
EAA 240 Hangar Manager