Call out to Chapter Members

Saturday June 22nd is the date we hold our last Pancake Breakfast & Young Eagles event before our summer holiday break. Our Breakfasts have increasingly taken on a role as a community event, promoting the combination of general aviation, the Chapter and the airport…..all of the things we joined the EAA for. A group of local families frequently join us and give us positive feedback on the food, the service and the atmosphere generated by the combination of our Breakfasts and Young Eagle flights (when we can get off the ground!). We – the volunteer team – and our regulars have fun and enjoy the unique atmosphere of an airport breakfast, served in an airplane hangar/workshop. We cover our costs and on most occasions make a modest addition to Chapter funds. All good.

That all said, Chapter membership attendance at recent Breakfasts has been pretty disappointing, with our 12-strong volunteer team (yes, that’s what it takes!) forming the main body of attending membership at these ‘Chapter’ events! This reduces somewhat the community aspect of the event, greatly reduces the number of breakfasts we serve and impacts the overall financials, in rain or shine. Meanwhile, the volunteer effort involved remains the same for 50 breakfasts as for 150. But it’s dispiriting to serve so few breakfasts requiring the same effort level.

The ask? Join us. Come for breakfast. Bring neighbors, friends and family. Enjoy the food. Relish the company of people who like to come to the airport and the Chapter. Add to the aviation conversations. Offer to help. Clean a table. Serve some coffees or OJ’s. Consider arriving around 1030 to help us restore the hangar at noon. Thank the volunteer team who do this on your behalf.

For June, we have an added attraction of a display of Military Vehicles which should prove a draw for visitors and breakfasters. You might like them too.

See you there I hope. The volunteer members will be there.

Mike Parry, President EAA240