Challenging but Fun Event!

Well, it rained, low ceilings forced the cancellation of our planned Young Eagles flights and we were competing with the Dover AFB Air Show and, as a result, our breakfasters numbers were down. We served just 80 breakfasts. Our volunteer numbers were down also, making it a challenging morning as we moved the project planes out of the hangar when it looked like we might be a dry-ish morning only to promptly move them back into the hangar as the heavy rain started just as we commenced serving. The team scrambled and worked to position the planes and tables as the breakfast early-birds line formed. Preparatory work that had been completed Friday afternoon by volunteers paid-off handsomely and we were soon in full flight, with pancakes, eggs, sausage and potatoes flying off the grills.

Huddled on fewer tables, our guests enjoyed their breakfasts, offered positive feedback and bought several shirts and caps, while kids enjoyed the toys and gliders we supplied.

A challenging morning for sure, but overall successful (fun levels and profitability) and we look forward to our Saturday June 22nd event, hoping for additional support from members both as volunteers and/or breakfasters, and for our Young Eagle flights! Volunteer here!

Thanks to those volunteers who helped make it work, both on Friday and Saturday, and at the wrap-up team as we closed early Saturday morning. Teamwork!