Discussion – Declaring an Emergency?

Membership Discussion – IMC/VMC – Saturday, April 6th

Saturday’s IMC/VMC group discussion attracted 17 members who collectively reviewed EAA National-provided flight scenarios related to ‘what would you do in these circumstances?’, many of which – we concluded – warranted a declaration to ATC of an emergency in order to get help and guidance. This, in-turn, resulted in a good deal of discussion on that topic as we heard of actual occurrences of pilots, CFI’s and commercial pilots considering declaring emergencies (or not) amongst our morning group.

These informal discussions and experience exchanges continue to be a great help in sharing actual flight experiences and to generate thought-provoking discussion to aid us all in better decision making and safe aviating. We’ll continue to hold more sessions, particularly when we can’t fly due to TFR restrictions at weekends. Watch your email and the web site for announcements. All welcome!

Our thanks to Bob Huxster for leading these sessions on behalf of the membership.

Mike Parry
President EAA240