Chapter Workshops 2023

Our Chapter has a wealth of talent, expertise and experience amongst our membership. For the Chapter Fall season, we’ve looked to leverage that expertise in organizing a series of workshops on key topics related to airframe construction and maintenance. We asked three of our members to offer introductory Fall Workshops to fellow members, as follows;

TIG Welding Workshop – Jon Martin (Saturday, October 7th, 8:30 to noon)

Goal : share experience with aircraft construction, inspection and repair, necessary skills of the aircraft builder (Metal, Fiberglass, Wood, Fabric), FAA Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices of Aircraft inspection and Repair (AC43-13)

TIG Welding 101 (Using a Miller Dynasty TIG Machine), parts of a TIG Welder, safety equipment needed to TIG Weld, how to setup a machine (basic) and basic technique, including hands-on practice welding steel.

Riveting Workshop – Tom Kenney (Saturday, October 21st, 8:30 to noon)

Goal : to introduce, describe and demonstrate the basic and different riveting methods employed when assembling an airframe. Preparation, measuring, marking, recommended tools, testing and assembly will be covered and demonstrated. Members will have an opportunity to rivet themselves on test panels

Fabric Workshop – Chuck Shipman (Saturday, November 18th, 8:30 to noon)

Goal: to introduce participants to some basic experience in fabric covering. This workshop will cover some of the basic steps to cover an aircraft control surface. Step will include cutting fabric, cementing and ironing fabric, first coats of Poly-brush, and finishing tape. Methods: Ceconite/Randolph/Nitrate & Butyrate Dope (STC SA4503NM). Polyfiber (Stifts)/Poly-Brush, Poly Spray (STC SA1008WE), Stewart System, Air Tech

Please note, these are introductory sessions, intended to address the basics but also offer some hands-on experience of each.

Workshops are limited to 15 Chapter members and will require a $15 non-refundable payment to cover consumables and incidental costs.

Please see the email sent to the membership on Sunday September 10th, 9pm to reserve a place.

Successful applicants will be notified and will receive additional information, pre-reads and instructions for the funds payment. Unsuccessful candidates for this series of workshops will be notified and, if numbers demand, we may be able to offer future workshops in the new year.

We’ll provide additional updates and more information at the Chapter web site, as the date for each workshop approaches.