Master Aviator Award – Tom Callahan

FAA’s Master Pilot Award – Tom Callahan – Lifelong contribution to aviation
The Brandywine Soaring Association held their AGM at the Chapter Meeting Room this morning, and surprised EAA240 member Tom Callahan who, at the meeting, was awarded and presented with the FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award for fifty years of dedicated service in aviation safety.

 FAAST Program Manager Eric Sieracki led the ceremony, with Tom’s wife and family at his side, detailing Tom’s involvement and contribution to  commercial airlines, war experiences, flight instruction, soaring instruction, flight-services owner/operator(with his wife), FAAST team member and much more. Tom’s BSA and attending EAA240 members cheered him on as he received the award, offering many congratulations.

Tom is the EAA240 Flight Advisor and a long-time Chapter member. Congratulations Tom, and thanks for all you do for aviation.