Fall Calling!

Fall Calling! Your contribution, engagement and support
As we begin to plan our Chapter Fall Programs of Fly-Outs, fund-raising Breakfasts, flights for kids, our membership gatherings with invited speakers and much more we turn to the membership for help, for support, for engagement – for volunteering. We have ambitions that cannot be achieved without these inputs from the membership. As you see our calls for help, please consider responding, joining the team, helping where you can. It makes a big difference, as ‘more hands make for light work’. It’s fun too!

We have just two Pancake Breakfast fund-raising events remaining this year. These are fun events and we’ve grown a large following amongst our local supporters who enjoy our food and our company. Look-out for our emails and offer to join the team to help with set-up on Friday, or the Breakfast on Saturday.

TFR’s and weather have greatly impacted the number of Fly-Outs we’ve accomplished so far this year. But we’re still trying! Pilots/Plane Owners – we always need you and will be appreciative of you offering to ferry fellow members to the chosen destinations that the Chapter Events Team have organized for us. Please join us.

Similarly, TFR’s and challenging weather have forced cancellation of several of our Young Eagles – Free Flights for Kids events so far this year. We have at least two planned for the Fall, on our Breakfast dates. We need help with the Ground Crew and with additional pilots/planes. Please look our for those emails and sign-up, join the team and – again – have fun providing grateful kids with a positive aviation experience.

Other than our amazing members, our greatest asset is our Hangar/Meeting Room, both of much need some TLC this Fall & Winter. We’ll be forming Hangar Work Parties to work on several projects and will need particular skills which we know exist amongst our membership. Join us please, as we work to maintain our fabulous facility and keep it I great shape.

To our regular volunteers, Breakfasteers, pilots, events team members and to all those who have stepped-up this year – congratulations, thanks, we greatly valued your input and enjoyed your company!

So, over to you. Look out for our calls for your contribution, and volunteering where and when you can to keep this amazing Chapter moving forward and upward.

Chapter Executive Board – Paul, Brad, Octavian, Bud & Mike

Questions/feedback: communications@eaa240.org

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