Great Day to Fly!

The friendly reception of Arena’s wait staff at KGED is consistently on display and appreciated, and they have food to match it! This makes KGED a regular Fly-Out destination for EAA240 members.

The six EAA240’rs and four aircraft made good time south to the Delaware Coastal airport (formerly Georgetown) KGED. Calls to the FBO for parking guidance were not answered so we scattered across two open areas of parking. Heavy jet traffic meant the prime parking locations were restricted and there was much activity as the rich-and-famous left this beach airport location for distant homes (some as far as PHL! – true!). Quite entertaining.

Likely vacation time meant EAA240 pilots & passenger count was lower than usual for this fly-out, and this was the case at Arena’s too and we had the restaurant to ourselves (almost!). The friendly staff soon had our lunch orders in-hand.

Lots of aviation-speak, interrupted only by the excellent foods and beverages and the occasional jet arrival/departure, meant a fun lunch for us all. Good times. Even better company.

See you next time? We have fly-outs planned through summer into fall. I hope you can join us. Why not?

Mike Parry