Tangier Holly Run 2021

The Holly Run is ON!!!
Everyone on Tangier Island who wishes to be vaccinated has been vaccinated so we will be making our annual pilgrimage to spread Christmas cheer on Tangier again this year December 5th with a snow date of the 12th!  We understand that many of you have concerns about COVID so we do have some modified procedures for COVID safety this year.

BREAKFAST @ W29: Since I really can’t leave the hangar door open for ventilation in December for breakfast, we are going to require that everyone who joins us for breakfast with Santa at Bay Bridge be vaccinated. We will not be checking cards. We trust you.

For those of you who do not feel comfortable getting vaccinated or who are vaccinated but still don’t feel comfortable eating in an indoor group setting even with vaccinated people, feel free to meet us directly on Tangier. (You’ll need to bring your own holly.)

LUNCH @ LORAINE’S: Everyone is welcome to join us for lunch. If you do not feel comfortable eating lunch indoors with people of mixed vaccination status, there is an outdoor area with picnic tables a few yards from Loraine’s at the mail boat dock. You will be able to order carry-out and take it there, to your plane, back home, or any place else you feel comfortable eating.

CHRISTMAS CHURCH SERVICE: There will be a church service. Everyone is welcome.


Members of the organizing committee were on the island last week before the big storm hit. Everything was quite flooded even at low tide. Rising sea-level is continuing to create hardship on the island for an again population. Quite a few peple we have worked with over the years to organize the Holly Run have passed on or moved off of the island. The estimated population is now about 400 people.

The rising water is also causing the islanders to park more and more stuff up on the airport ramp (the high point on the island) to keep it dry. This will unfortunately decrease our parking capacity.

We will once again this year be raising money for the various funds that the church administers to help the widows and others on the island who need assistance to make it through Tangier’s harsh winters. Please plan to donate to help our our host community. More details to come.


We look forward to seeing you on The Run!

More information? helen@chesapeakesportpilot.com