Chapter Update – May 2021

Chapter Update – May 2021. Here’s what’s Happening:
> Thanks to the flexibility and generosity of the Young Eagles team we were able to offer a flight experience to 10 members of a local Scout Troop on Saturday morning, May 15th. The announced Presidential TFR times were changed, opening up the Saturday slot. Our YE team sprang into action to take advantage. Dale & Liz Robinson (YE Organizers) and pilots Nate Hauser and Bud Swenson offered flights to the scouts. A lot of smiling faces (masked and unmasked) resulted from their efforts. This was an important event for the Chapter – our first public event since the pandemic lock-down. Let’s hope we can continue to expand our activities in the months ahead.

> At the Chapter hangar a Saturday volunteer group worked on continuing painting of the exterior staircase, finishing painting the wall trim, repairing door locks, patching walls, hanging the louvered doors, and getting the upright freezer ready for ice cream – June 5th! Thanks to the members who took some time Saturday to help. Great progress, building on the completed floor tiling (looks great, credit to Melissa and Tim for their organizing) and the wall painting – we’re ready for the return of the furniture, just in time for the relaxing of pandemic restrictions.

 > The May 6th Board Meeting Notes are available to members, and as always they are posted in the ‘Members Only’ section of our web site, here. Scholarships, financial status, hangar projects, memberships (we have six new members in 2021 for a total of 179 members May 2021) are all covered by the Board Notes, and lots more.

> Our very first in-person Chapter gathering happens Saturday June 5th, with our Ice Cream Social. We’ll have individually wrapped products for the Chapter families. Don’t forget to bring a chair (we’ll be outside) and other food items, as you wish. It’ll be a fun time, and l-o-n-g overdue! Come and see your friends and fellow members. We’ll look out for you!

 > Lots of projects happening at New Garden Flying Field N57 too, many items benefiting members: new water lines being installed at the airport which will eliminate the annual winter water pipe freezing we experience at the Chapter facility; we’re investigating the switch to natural gas (from LPG) as the supply may now be available at the airport; new approaches, new PAPI lighting – all being planned; discussion with Secret Service regarding impact of TFR’s and possible relief; new phone service. The Chapter Board works alongside the airport management on projects, impact and benefits.

 > Best assessment is that our Chapter Monthly Meetings (in-person) will resume Monday September 6th, following our usual summer break. Our Pancake Breakfast fund-raising could resume around the same time. Young Eagles flights are being assessed at present. No firm decisions yet and the Board will continue to monitor the protocols and any easing that is announced.

 As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, concerns please contact a Board member (Mike, Octavian, Melissa, Tim) or email us hereThanks!

Mike Parry
President, EAA Chapter 240