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Board Meeting Summary – Membership Meeting Summary 
Those attending Monday evenings Chapter Membership Meeting learned of the alternative engine units being offered by Aero Momentum of Florida. A detailed discussion of the development approach and comparisons (including competitive pricing) to regular engine offerings. Our thanks to company CEO Mark Kettering for his time, effort and information sharing – much appreciated and enjoyed by those members attending.

We had 29 members join us over Zoom last evening. Our Vice President, Octavian, has been successful in attracting good speakers and great topics thus far this year (aviation photography, aircraft engine alternatives, tail-dragger piloting) and is actively working on bringing relevant and interesting subjects for the Membership Meetings in the months ahead. Potential presenters are always interested, naturally, in our meeting attendance levels. It is our hope that we can attract more of our membership to join us each month as this will no doubt be a factor in securing the best speakers and topics going forward. Zoom, while not perfect for us, has enabled us to bring together presenters who it would been impractical to consider in in-person meetings. It’s very easy to use and is working for us.

In addition to this weeks technical presentation I was also available to update the membership on the overall status of the Chapter following a Chapter Board Meeting that was held on Thursday 25th February. This will be detailed in the Board Meeting Notes that will be published at the web site shorty, but can be summarized as:

~Members Renewed for 2021 – 179

~Chapter PA-22 Project has been sold and left the Chapter Hangar 

~Financial donations to the Chapter have been received 

~As a result of the preceding three items: Treasury stands at ~$14,600

~Hangar Refresh underway, including consideration of alternative kitchen floor covering 

~No change to the Chapter COVID-19 protocols for the present

The strong membership renewals and the sale of the PA-22 have benefitted the current bank balance and will cover operating expenses and the hangar maintenance and refresh works that are underway and planned, with volunteer effort. Additionally, donations from members have been very positive and greatly appreciated. It’s been encouraging to see the confidence levels the membership have in the Chapter, supporting our goals and ambitions for local aviation which will, we hope, return later this year as a community-based activities which we can enjoy together.

As always, your feedback, suggestions and engagement on any aspect of the Chapter are welcomed by the Board, and can be forwarded to

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Mike Parry, President, EAA Chapter 240