200ft Made the Difference!

200ft made all the difference!

The seven aircraft that departed New Garden 9am today, Saturday Feb 8th, anticipated cold temperatures, clear skies but a bumpy flight as we flew northwest just 40+ minutes to New Jersey and the Sky Cafe at Sky Manor Airport N40.

The altitude for most was to be 2500. The turbulence we encountered at climb-out didn’t ease at 2500ft. But at 2700 – smooth flying! Great visibility too as we passed Philadelphia and the beautiful surrounding areas.

Breakfasts at the Sky Cafe are enormous and delicious, and the staff could not be more helpful. Seating our group of 13 aviators together took just a few minutes and we were soon tucking into hearty meals.

Ample food was followed by much hangar flying, fueled by coffee and teas which were dispensed continuously.

The return flights were as turbulent as our outbound trips, but with more cloud at 3000′, keeping us lower and in the bumpy airstream. But, we’d had a great breakfast, made some new buddies and talked aviation for several hours on a beautiful Saturday morning. Not much better than that?

Many thanks to the seven pilots for offering us rides this morning – much appreciated. We couldn’t do it without you!

Photo’s of the Fly-Out are below, and many more at the Chapter Albums area of the web site (see opposite).

Our next Fly-Out adventure takes us to Cherry Ridge N30, on Saturday Feb 22nd. Don’t miss out on the fun.

Mike Parry