Moving Saturday’s Fly-Out

Weather concerns force us to move tomorrow’s (Saturday) Fly-Out to Sky Manor to Sunday 15th December. We continue to monitor weather, and will advise if Sunday becomes an issue too. Fingers crossed!


We welcome pilots, planes, and hearty appetites!

We are planning to arrive at the restaurant around 9:30am for breakfast, which means wheels up at N57 around 9:00am for the short 60 nm flight to Sky Manor. We plan to meet at the Chapter hangar around 8:30 am Sunday for seat assignments and a short flight briefing.

Please let the Flight Leader know via email ( if you’ll be piloting a plane (open seats and max weight please) or coming along as a passenger (weight estimate please). If you have already registered and made it clear you can fly Sunday, there is no need to re-register. Otherwise, please register for this event by emailing us, as we need to reserve tables etc.

Register or Questions? email the events team