FlyPups at Sky Manor

Matt Kiener, Founder of FlyPups

Heading to Sky Manor airport?  While the Sky Cafe ( needs no further introduction, there is another amazing operation based at Sky Manor – FlyPups ( Located in a hangar only a short walk away, FlyPups (headed by its founder, Matt Kiener) is dedicated to the task of transporting dogs from over populated kill shelters to non-kill shelters with vacancies, where they will get another chance of being adopted The hangar holds Matt’s plane and the organization’s 70 dog crates. All of their missions are flown on a voluntary basis, with donations being used to help with the fuel costs associated with the flights. Due to the location of the shelters, most flights end up on the plus side of a thousand miles, with more than 10 hours of flying.

While Matt and his volunteer pilots are going above and beyond to rescue as many dogs as they can, sometimes they have to decline flights due to fuel costs, and every little bit of help is appreciated. Please consider pledging a small donation to this worthy cause. One of FlyPups’ recent endeavors is in partnering with organizations that provide dogs to veterans, free of charge. They get involved in the initial transportation of the dogs from the shelters to the organizations that train them, and then they fly the dogs to the veterans as well. Your small donation would go a long way to providing the brave men and women who fought to protect our country with the companionship and support they need.