Kentmorr – Grreat Trrip!

Trip Report – Kentmorr Flyout
With some patience and a commitment to flying to Kentmorr (3W3), Saturday’s EAA240 flyout finally happened! 6 aircraft and pilots, along with 7 passengers, attended Saturday’s event. Crab Cakes on a platter or between a bun were the popular choice, and many chose an accompaniment of homemade Maryland Crab or Cream-of-Crab soup. Unfortunately, the hammocks on the Tiki Bar beach were all occupied by the time we finished lunch. That’s to say: Maybe next time, we stay a little longer…and wait for one!

It’s easy to see why Kentmorr was not to deny us! It’s a destination you could easily get used to!!!

Thank you to the pilots who gave their time and planes to the flyout because we can’t do it without them!