EAA National – Chapter Recognition

EAA National provides guidance and sets overall direction for the hundreds of Chapters across the country. Chapters adopt By-Laws, procedures and processes recommended by EAA National, applying them with variance to meet local circumstances.

EAA Chapter 240 members are required to maintain EAA National membership within 6 months of joining the local Chapter, and to then take advantage of the myriad of National services and features offered via the excellent EAA National web site.

EAA240 members can renew their National membership here.

Chapter Recognition – 2023

EAA National sets a series of 11 goals for Chapters success criteria and provides recognition annually of Chapter accomplishments against these goals:

1. Attends chapter leadership training sessions

EAA Chapter President has attended the online Leadership updates.

2. Growing steady membership

Chapter 240 has added 30 additional members in 2023, now at 188 paid members.

3. Offers IMC or VMC Club programs

Chapter 240 continues to offer both IMC and VMC Club Meetings (four in 2023) with excellent attendance and participation.

4. Participates in Young Eagle of Flying Start programs

EAA240 has had four scheduled Young Eagle Events in 2023

5. Has EAA-approved flight advisor or technical counselor

EAA240 has a Flight Advisor and two Technical Counselors available to the 2023 membership

6. Participates in EAA’s Annual Chapter Member Survey

EAA240 has participated and used the results of the 2022 survey.

7. Participates in Young Eagles Build and Fly or Young Eagles Workshops, or sends a youth to EAA’s Air Academy, or completed an EAA Ray Scholarship program in 2023.

EAA240 has held three Aviation Workshops and participates in the Future Aviators summer camps held at N57 airport which included workshops, flight instruction, and aviation education.  

8. Requests an EAA ChapterBlast email

EAA240 has used ChapterBlast for each of our four Pancake Breakfast and Young Eagles events.

9. Hosts 2 public events a year

EAA240 has hosted 4 public events for 2023, Pancake Breakfasts and Hangar Open House

10. Owns/Leases a facility

EAA Chapter 240 leases and operates a first class facility that includes a large hangar, machine shop, member meeting room, library, kitchen, shower, and rest room capabilities.  

11.  Extra Credit activity, such as a chapter build project, youth build project, chapter scholarship, a chapter tool crib, IAC competition, etc.

Throughout 2023, the Chapter and airport have continued to experience severe restrictions on flight activities due to the Secret Service imposition of weekend TFRs, related to the President of the USA being at home in the area (Wilmington, DE). Despite this handicap the Chapter membership have worked to mitigate the impact, scheduling events around the restrictions. We held ten Chapter Fly-Outs, four Pancake Breakfasts, three Young Eagles flight events and much more. These restrictions and impact will continue through 2024 and may be imposed for the following four years, depending on national election outcomes.

Additionally, and with fewer opportunities to hold Chapter flying events, EAA Chapter 240 has created and hosted 3 workshops in 2023 to provide real hands-on experience opportunities to the chapter members.  Those workshops included a 1) full Welding Workshop that provided the basics for both TIG and Gas welding practice and technique.  2)  An Aircraft Riveting Workshop which provided a hands on riveting experience using tools and techniques that are necessary to know for building metal aircraft.  3) Chapter 240 provided an Airframe Fabric Covering Workshop that included the required steps to fabric cover an airframe to the point of lacing.  This workshop and others are planned to continue in 2024 to include lacing, doping and painting fabric surfaces.