Memorable Day for the Chapter & Airport

Tuesday’s Air Show was always a gamble. It involved major commitments by the Airport (performers, airport prep, parking, safety services and much more). The Chapter also opted to gamble. At the previous Air Show we served 400 Hot Dogs, running out of food in the late afternoon. We gambled this time on selling 600 Hot Dogs, a BIG step up, but needed more prep, additional equipment and a bigger volunteer team to make it happen.

The Air Show was a major success for the airport and township, with an estimated 4,000 attendees enjoying an afternoon of great flying, foods and entertainment. It was great to see the airport so busy, with major crowds enjoying a traditional airport air show. Congratulations and thanks to Jon Martin and his team, who organized and executed the event so well.

EAA240 was there, and our Hot Dog team worked through the day and evening to prepare, set-up, cook and serve the 600 Hot Dogs (with a bottle of water and bag of chips). It was hot, demanding work, with lines forming to get our food. We exhausted our food supplies – all 600 hot dogs – by 7:15pm. Which was good timing as by that point we were exhausted too!

Our food sales plus generous donations from our guests cleared more income for the Chapter than the past three Pancake Breakfasts combined, as they did last time too. But we also got a chance to meet with the local community, and had fun interactions with people and enjoyed the team working the Chapter is so capable of. A great day all-round!

The income from the Hot Dog sales plus the donations will fund a major part of the Chapter Flight Training Scholarships the Board has initiated for 2024, getting more kids into flight training and GA, a goal of the Chapter.

Special call-out to the EAA240 Hot Doggers Team 2024: Chuck Shipman, Lee Blazejewski, Ralph & Helen Dooley, Ken Hess, Jay Jacobs, Reagan Jacobs, Lynne Parry and with Dave McKenzie, Lisa Murray and Vance in close support. These folks made it happen for the Chapter, for our membership and for the student pilots who will benefit from their volunteered efforts.

Is this great Chapter or what?!