Chapter Facility Manager Announced

The Chapter Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Wheeler to the Chapter Facility Manager officer role and he will assume oversight of our unique facility, the hangar/workshop, machine room, storage area, kitchen and meeting room. Brian will engage with our current and future users of the hangar space. Brian will manage the appropriate budget and investments as we strive to ensure the facility provides for members needs today and into the future.

The officer role reports and is accountable to the Chapter Board, maintaining and reviewing Facility Work Plans for Board approval.

Brian has been a Chapter member for over 20 years, joining when the membership monthly meetings were held at the William Penn School as our facility was being constructed. He has a plane based at New Garden and has enjoyed Chapter Fly-Outs.

Brian replaces John Leslie who is stepping down having completed the Chapter Hangar Manager role for many years and who has overseen extensive facility enhancements to our facility during that period. These include installing heating and insulation in the main hangar area and in the kitchen, kitchen flooring, cabinets, desks and technology installs, window installation and the construction of the new hangar storage area and machine shop, and more. John has held several Board roles over the years, including President. For all his contributions the Board and membership wish to thank John for his services to the Chapter and membership.

Brian can be reached at

Our congratulations, thanks and warmest welcome to Brian,

Chapter Board
June 18, 2024