Gettysburg Address = W05

Despite a shortage of New Garden-based pilots for the Gettysburg fly out, seven members, which included three pilots, flew from three airports and met up in Gettysburg. First, they attended EAA1041’s pancake breakfast. Including today’s headcount in the Chapter’s 2-day event, fourteen volunteers worked and sold over 1,200 breakfasts….impressive! The event has a dedicated breakfast following. LOTS of fly-in attendees as well.

As the group prepared to head to the museum late-morning, the planned club car was found to be devoid of a current PA inspection. So, EAA1041’s club president loaned his 7-passenger “BioDiesel Choo-Choo Mobile” to the group for the day! The vehicle had a custom-painted train & railroad theme, and came with a LOUD realistic train horn! Was that fun!

Off to the Gettysburg museum where a 2-hour tour back in time to the Civil War unfolded. PLENTY of historical trivia was leaned that folks didn’t know about that war. A site, indoors and outdoors, worth visiting!

Lunch in the Dobbin House Tavern in town was most welcomed it was served in the basement eating area where it was nice and cool! There was some good discussion about the day’s lesson. The group wanted to walk the grounds of the cemetery after lunch, but the day was long and hot, so a decision was made that it was time to head home.

EAA1041’s president met the group back a W05 where more idle chit-chat and a final goodbye were made, and thanking the president for use of his vehicle and hosting the membership. Lots more to share with others that the day’s group will do over time! Really, a very good day, …a very special time.

Stay safe up there!

J Jacobs
Flight Leader