Fly-Out to Gettysburg

Chapter Fly-Out – Invitation

Join us Saturday, June 1st for a trip to Gettysburg Regional Airport (W05), located ~70 miles west of N57! This fly out has a ½ day itinerary with an optional itinerary that follows.

The plan is to kick off our visit by attending the local EAA1041 chapter’s pancake breakfast. Breakfast will be followed by a relatively short courtesy car ride to visit the Gettysburg Museum of History.

After the museum tour, pilots & passengers will all need to decide if they want to extend the day by having lunch at Dobbin House Tavern, followed by a walk through the Gettysburg National Cemetery just across the street. For this extended itinerary, again, all pilots & passengers will need to work out how much of the day’s itinerary they will partake in. Pilots & passengers departing after the museum tour or lunch will be driven to the airport.

The courtesy car at W05 has been reserved.. Be sure to bring cash and to plan for multiple expenses. And as always, please be sure to include assisting pilots with the day’s expenses, thank you!

Register with us for this flight please. And, pilots, please let us know if you have open seats to accommodate fellow members.

Meet at the EAA240 hangar at 8:00am.
Plan A: Wheels-Up 8:30am assuming NO TFR or NO bad weather.
Plan B: Depart 8:30am BY CAR if there’s a TFR or if flying is weathered-out. We may likely need drivers for the 2-hour drive!!

The Chapter Events Team works hard to prepare, organize and execute on Fly-Outs. Your support and engagement is appreciated.

Thanks, Jay Jacobs, Flight Lead

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