Volunteer Work Parties

Hangar Maintenance – Volunteer Help Needed

This Saturday – April 27th

0830 to noon – fueled by coffee & donuts

We’re hoping to have volunteer help at our two Work Party sessions on the day & times above.

The hangar, kitchen and meeting room facility are a major asset of this unique Chapter and we need to maintain and improve them as we become more dependent on their use. This year we are investing in air-conditioning units for both the kitchen and to help in the Meeting Room space. These have been acquired and are now ready for installation….with your help.

We’re also improving the lighting in the kitchen and bathroom areas, with new LED fixtures. After completing this work, and now that we have resealed all the upstairs windows to stop rain leaks, we can then replace the damaged ceiling tiles in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

We have to repaint the rusting main hangar door frame, and repair the external staircase too.

Your help in completing this work plan would make it go quicker and better, please plan on joining us and sign up below, clicking the link that works for you.

New members – this is a great chance to meet Chapter members and to contribute to your new Chapter!

We’ll be looking for you!

John Leslie
EAA240 Hangar Manager

Volunteering is what makes EAA240 work!

Click the link below to join the team!

You Can Count on Me! – Saturday April 27th

Let us know  you can help