Space suits from Delaware!

Astronaut Space Suits, currently in use on the International Space Station were designed and manufactured in Delaware!

The Next Generation Space Suits are currently being designed for future space missions that will return us to the Moon, and on to Mars as part of the upcoming Artemis Missions.

The Space Suit Designs that include fourteen layers of different materials, each providing unique levels of protection to the Astronauts from the harsh vacuum of space, were explained and demonstrated by our Guest Speaker Andrew Taylor of ILC Dover, who kept the membership engaged throughout. Using photographs and video, Andrew detailed the history of the ILC company and its 60 + year role in the space program and the success the company has had in meeting the challenges of putting a man in space, and supplying NASA with solutions and products in support of all space missions to date.

More information about ILC Dover here

Mike Parry
President, EAA Chapter 240