It’s a Winner – with a Surprise!

Seven to Choose From! (and a soup!) – Chilli Fest 2024 Report

With seven Chili’s to choose from, the competition was tough! Crockpots of bubbling Chili and accompanied by cornbreads, cheeses, chips were there for the sampling and the assembled Chapter members relished the opportunity.

After a new years welcome and the introduction of new members, a very brief update of Chapter was provided by the attending Board Members. The main message was that we’d set dates for the Chapter main activities of 2024, and that the Chapter web site had all the required information. We start the year in great shape, with strong financials, a growing membership and an engaged volunteer-base for our planned 2024 activities. The next two weeks of January see a Fly-Out (Millville), and an IMC/VMC Club session. We’re off to a strong start!

With that it was down to eating, and the Chili Competition 2024 commenced, with seven Chilli offerings to sample – plus a chicken soup (thanks Jay!).

After tasting each, votes were tallied – and it was a close, but In second place was Harold McCanick’s Chilli. Harold was presented with a second-place certificate. But our 2024 winner was the family recipe of Bob Huxster, who was presented with the traditional winners prize – a bottle of wine, plus a winners certificate. It was only then that Bob disclosed and announced to all assembled that the winning Chilli recipe was, in fact, vegan! Wow!

It was an enjoyable, fun and popular event and provided the opportunity for members to meet-and-greet and execute some serious hangar flying as we start this new year.

Our February Membership Meeting – happening on a Saturday morning – is also food event – our 7th Bacon Fest! Dust off those recipes and be ready for another fun food competition, details coming soon.

Thanks to all the members and families who contributed Chilli, cornbreads and other foods for Saturday’s event. Much appreciated, and much enjoyed!

Events Team 2024

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