Chapter Workshop – Fabric

Busy morning at the Chapter hangar Saturday as 11 members participated in the third Chapter Workshop of 2023 – the Fabric Workshop.

Led by Chuck Shipman, the group had hands-on practical experience of covering an aircraft surface with fabric – done properly and per code! Several sample control surfaces were covered during the morning workshop, providing challenges with their shapes, fittings and more. Chuck demonstrated the best techniques, explained the choice of materials and offered counsel as the groups worked on their individual sample pieces.

There was a request for the next stage in fabric covering to be demonstrated in a future class, including rib-stitching, and Chuck will work with the Events Team to arrange.

This was the third Chapter Fall Workshops. The Events Team hope to have more workshops in the new year, including one on fiberglass. If you have any suggestions or requirements email us.

Pizza lunch finished the Saturday session, with thanks and appreciation to Chuck for putting the workshop together, assembling the materials etc, for the benefit of the Chapter membership. Much appreciated.

Mike Parry
President, EAA240