Chapter Fly-Out to Lock Haven

From Flight Leader Jay Jacobs:

Piper here, Piper there,
Piper, Pipers everywhere!!!

8 aircraft & 10 passengers attended the Chapter weekend flyout to William T. Piper Memorial Airport & a visit to the Piper Memorial Museum.  It was a huge success!  Ed Watson, the museum Manager & our guide, was a walking Piper aviation book as he toured us through two floors of Piper aircraft & memorabilia.  Unless you read ‘the book’, there was an awful lot of unknowns brought to light about Piper history on Saturday!  Do you know why GA Piper aircraft were yellow?  Either read the book, visit the museum, or ask an EAA240 member who attended the fly out 🙂 for the answer! The Chapter made a donation to the excellent museum, the least we could do!

Our initial lunch plans crashed & burned shortly after walking out of the museum.   Thankfully, someone suggested a phone call ahead to warn of our large-crowd coming to lunch…and we found out the lunch destination wasn’t serving lunch any longer!  Plan B – Fly to Lancaster Airport, which we did, and make it a slightly longer day.  It was a good opportunity to brush up on our Tower skills as well!  This unplanned diversion was a huge success as well!

Several members took photographs during the trip, we’ve loaded these here at the Chapter Photograph Vault. and will add more as they come in.

Stay tuned for the next Chapter Fly Out!