VMC/IMC Club Session – Saturday Oct 28th

We’re planning another joint IMC & VMC Club session on this date, starting at 10am, and all members – pilots and non-pilots – are invited to attend.

As a reminder, the goal is to meet informally and to exchange members experiences, learnings and best practices in our flying. The session includes the use of EAA National-provided scenarios and videos. Our past sessions have resulted in lively and helpful information exchanges. More information here.

We’ll invite student-pilots and CFI’s from the Flight School to join us.

We’ll keep it light and informal, over coffee and cookies.

I hope you can join us at the Chapter Hangar Saturday 28th for the session led by Bob Huxster. The session is open to all Chapter members, pilots and student pilots.

Questions?: imcvmcclub@eaa240.org

More information about the EAA240 IMC/VMC Group is here