Board Elections 2023

Board Elections 2023 (for period 2024-2026)
Election to be held Monday, November 6th at the Chapter Meeting Room

From: Chapter President, Mike Parry

As part of our Annual General Chapter Meeting agenda and as required by our Chapter By-Laws, two Executive Board Positions are to be voted on by those present at the meeting, Monday November 6th, at 6pm. This email serves as notice of the planned membership vote.

The positions to be voted on are Chapter Treasurer and Chapter Vice President

Voting will be held as part of the Annual General Membership Meeting and overseen by Bert Shipman (Nominating Chair), who will tally votes and announce results at the meeting.This complies with Chapter By-laws, which can be viewed at the ‘Members Only’ area of the Chapter web site. Proxy votes are not permitted, your attendance at the meeting is therefore important.

Members in good-standing with the Chapter (ie fully paid for the current year) may now nominate candidates from the membership listing as of the date. Members should please send their nominations to Bert by email here. Nominees must have agreed to stand. The nominations close date is 5pm Friday, October 27th.

The current Chapter Executive Board endorses and recommends the following volunteer (for the role of Treasurer) and for Octavian Codreanu to continue in his current role as Chapter VP, and we (the Board) offer the following comments in support of each:

Chapter Treasurer: Chuck Shipman. Serving the Chapter as organizer and leader of our more recent Pancake Breakfasts and, in past years, as the Chapter Hangar Manager, Chuck has demonstrated time and again his commitment and organizational skills to be of great value to the Chapter and to the membership. He is a regular and reliable contributor to Chapter events and happenings. More particularly, his experiences in estimating, procuring and overseeing the fine details of the pancake breakfast events have impressed the Board who would welcome him to the role of Treasurer.

Chapter Vice President: Octavian Codreanu. As a Board Member for several years now, Octavian has contributed much to the operation and general direction of the Chapter, with his oversight of Chapter meetings, Fly-Outs and his general oversight of activities and the Chapter investments and funding management. His very evident managerial capabilities and experience in leadership have served the Chapter well, particularly during the challenging months of Covid-19 and the re-establishment of the Chapter following. His contribution overall, matched with his energy and enthusiasm for aviation, have helped the Board and Chapter throughout his tenure to date.

Should you have any questions or feedback regarding the above please address it to any of the Chapter Officers (here), or to: communications