Changes to Chapter Hangar Security

We’re updating the access security of the Chapter hangar, changing the main access door key and the side door access code. In addition we’re changing the password for the ‘Members Only’ area of the Chapter web site.

The new password was distributed to current members via email Thursday, June 29th.

Each member has the responsibility to ensure the security of our facility and we ask that members do not share passwords, keys or door codes.

Using the new password at the ‘Members Only’ area of the Chapter web site members will see the new side door access code, which has already been activated.

Within the next few days we will also replace the main door lock at the hangar and have new keys ready for members who need one. We’ll issue an email describing where and when keys can be collected. Old keys will work until that time.

As you know, we have additional security throughout the facility with security cameras within each of the hangar areas. Access to those recordings is limited to a sub-set of Board Members and only utilized (viewed) if an incident is experienced.

As always, if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions about this or any aspect of the Chapter operations please let us know here.

Mike Parry
Chapter President, EAA240