Breakfast & Young Eagle Flights Success

A positive and fun day for the Chapter and for the volunteers whose hard-work ensured it was successful, with teamwork from the three YE pilots and their ground-crew, and from the Breakfast crew, pictured above.

Our pilots – Bud, John and Bob – brought smiles to the faces of 27 Young Eagles. A local TFR brought restrictions but we were able to fly using special codes arranged by Bud, working with the FAA.

Disappointingly, we were not able to fly all the kids due to only three available aircraft and also having to cancel flying at noon due to increasing cross-winds. With one or two more volunteer aircraft we could have completed the groups of waiting youngsters earlier.

Meanwhile, at the Chapter hangar, feedback on the breakfast service and foods was positive, and the volunteer team did an exceptional job and had fun too! We certainly had the capacity to serve more breakfasts but the disappointing turnout of the Chapter members to enjoy a breakfast with us continues to be of concern.

We have one more Pancake Breakfast and Young Eagles event scheduled, for Saturday, September 23rd. Click here to add this date to your calendar, and to remind you to volunteer to join the team, or to fly Young Eagles.

Our collective thanks and appreciation for the entire volunteer team of Saturday June 17th. Well done EAA240 volunteers!

Oh, and we sold 10 mugs!

Mike Parry