IMC/VMC Group Session – Saturday!

IMC/VMC Group Meeting – Saturday, March 4th, 9am

With a TFR announced for this weekend the Chapter IMC/VMC Club kicks into action, and we’ll hold a group session Saturday morning at the Chapter, starting at 9am.

Chapter members, pilot-and-non-pilots, are invited to join this informal gathering for a broad discussion on the scenario below. It should be lively, instructional and fun! Coffee and donuts will on-hand (of course!), and we hope to see you there for this first session.

Bob Huxster

 Scenario VMC-006-RR
Title: Dances with Banners
• Type: VMC Club

• Aircraft: Cessna 172, dual nav/coms, ADS-B, GPS (non-IFR certified)
• Circumstances/Plan: Returning from Martha’s Vineyard (MVY) to home base at Westerly, RI (KWST). The weather is clear and the air is smooth, but you avoid a direct route in order to stay within gliding distance of shore.
• Weather: Current conditions at WST include sky clear, surface winds 220 at 8 knots, and visibility better than 10 miles.
• The flight:
   o Following a briefing with FSS, you preflight the aircraft and find all systems are in good working order. The airplane has enough fuel onboard to fly two hours, and you estimate just 45 minutes in the air.
   o Descending into the Westerly area, you listen first to the ASOS for weather
conditions, and then the CTAF to find out who is in the pattern. It’s about 3:30 in
the afternoon, and banner tow flights are taking off from WST to fly along the
   o You overfly the airport, enter the downwind for runway 25, and complete your pre-landing checklist.
   o While on base to final, you hear a Piper Pawnee tow plane report on downwind. You assume he will follow you in the pattern.

• The problem:
o While on short final for runway 25, the Pawnee turns final just ahead of you to
make a banner pickup on the grass on the south side of the runway. You are
lower, but he is about to make his steep dive for the banner pickup which is near the runway and just ahead of where you expect to touch down. Thinking you have right of way as the lower aircraft on final for landing, you continue toward touchdown. Then you begin to wonder what might go wrong, and begin to
consider options.

• What would you do?

Join us Saturday to review and discus. See you then!


More information about the EAA240 IMC/VMC Group is here