Call for Volunteer Help – Sunday

On Sunday 27th we have the benefit of a ‘Cherry-Picker’ hoist, courtesy of a generous Chapter member and hope to take full advantage of it that morning to complete several areas of important maintenance to the Chapter hangar, including:

  • sand and paint main hangar door frame
  • replace insulation tiles on hangar door and clad with aluminum
  • upgrade hangar ceiling heaters for natural gas
  • hang fire extinguishers and signage in kitchen, hangar and meeting room
  • install donated TV on kitchen wall
  • add dead-bolt to hangar rear door
  • paint new replacement kitchen door, ready for install

This is an ambitious list and we’ll complete what we can on Sunday, dependent on the level of response we get.

If time and skills permit we’ll also form a team to begin to plan the installation of the new kitchen/office area counter tops and cabinets (already purchased and onsite), to be completed over several weekends.

We hope you can come and help on Sunday, and complete this punch-list of work that will keep our facility – now 22 years old – in good shape. We’ll start at 9, complete around 1pm and will have the standard 240 coffee and donuts to sustain the team!

Questions, or to confirm you’ll be joining us – email us here.


John Leslie, Hangar Manager EAA240