Seeking Young Eagles Coordinator

Young Eagles Coordinator – Open Position – Seeking a Chapter Volunteer
We have a volunteer opportunity for member to step into the Young Eagles Coordinator role for the Chapter, and join the team of ground-crew and pilots who bring big smiles to the many kids we fly each year.

The role of the Coordinator is to organize and orchestrate each of the Young Eagles events we hold, usually five per year and purposefully aligned to our Pancake Breakfast schedule. Working with the team of pilots and ground-crew, the YE Coordinator ensures we have sufficient coverage per event, deals with enquiries and questions from parents and helps facilitate a smooth event and a great experience for the kids and for our volunteers.

The opportunity has arisen as the existing coordinator Dale Robinson (and wife Liz) are now spending much time in Florida. Dale & Liz will continue in close support of our YE program and will ensure a smooth transition to the new Coordinator.

The Coordinator is not required to be a pilot, or plane-owner.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to Chapter activities, influence the YE program and regularly enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the reaction of kids exiting the cockpit – with beaming smiles, after an aviation experience they won’t forget and which could be a milestone in the beginning of aviation careers of our Young Eagles.

Like to discus the opportunity with us? email us here, we’ll get back with you, answer your questions.

Mike Parry, President EAA Chapter 240, for the Young Eagles Team 2022