Chapter at OSH 2022

EAA240 at OSH 2022!Members gather at Oshkosh
EAA240 Treasurer Brad Carnegie arranged for Chapter members to get together while at OSH 2022, and reports – 

“It’s been a few week since Airventure and I hope those who attended had a great time. There were a lot of amazing things to do. One of my favorite memories was seeing the RV-15 in person.  Another one of my favorite memories was seeing all the EAA 240 members there. In what the chapter hopes will be an annual Chapter 240 traditional several members of the chapter and the New Garden Airport community met for breakfast and lunch during Airventure this year.  It was a good times where we shared our Fly in/Drive in experiences and our Airventure experiences.  

Only 50 weeks until Airventure 2023 and as we get closer to the date expect further communication on potential Chapter 240 activities at OSH.”