We’re Back! And How!!

After a hiatus of two years it was time – at last – to restart our Chapter fund-raising Pancake Breakfast. But planning and predicting the breakfast sales volumes was tricky, and we had several new team members and also had to procure all new food supplies from scratch. It was challenging and, having to cancel our planned Young Eagle flights due to a TFR, we prepared for a modest start to the season but which we hoped we could build on through 2022. We would use this first event to hone our processes, building on the great work done by the EAA240 PB team members that came before us.

It was clear by 9am however that we were in fact in for a very busy morning! A steady stream of hungry breakfasters streamed into the Chapter hangar space. We began to recognize faces and names from past events, it was a great sense of community – and fun! Most tables were full by 10am, and we were already running low on some food items. In fact, we had to do TWO food runs to local stores during the morning!

Feedback on the breakfast service was very positive, with many commenting that it was “…great to be back”, and “…we missed you all, thanks for doing this”. Interest from potential new Chapter members also featured in the morning.

All credit to the EAA240 PB volunteers who helped in purchasing, preparing, moving airplanes, cooking, serving, cleaning and returning the hangar to working space, to make this event the success that it clearly was. A great team event, which was great to be part of, and fun too.

We’ll report more at the May Membership Meeting (Monday, May 2nd) on the financials and on plans for the next Breakfast and Young Eagles event of Saturday, May 21st. We’ll be looking for volunteers again!

We’ll see you there!