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From the Archives – Pancake Breakfast Crew 2011

On Saturday the 2022 EAA240 volunteer Pancake Breakfast crew began preparations for our upcoming fun and fund-raising event happening on Saturday, April 23rd. After two years in storage and generally unused we had to ensure all equipment and utensils could be relied upon for our first cooking event.

We brought out our three grills from storage. They were throughly cleaned, connected to the gas supply and tested. A wind-shield was constructed for one grill.

Refrigerators were throughly cleaned, sanitized and prepared to receive the breakfast food supplies that would be collected this and next week, as the date approaches. Temperatures were checked and will be monitored in the days ahead.

Coffee Pots were tested and found to be working, though we’ll be purchasing spare, just in case.

Kitchen shelving, storage and work surfaces were all cleaned and sanitized. Food holding pans, serving items, pancake mixers and related items were washed, sanitized, tested as required and prepared.

All the required documentation, permits and qualifications and food-related signage had been acquired and placed on display, as is required.

After a full mornings work, the EAA240 volunteer team cooked and enjoyed our own Pancake Breakfast (lunch?) feast of pancakes, sausage, eggs, potatoes, coffee. Delicious!

Our thanks to our amazing group of volunteers who worked to ensure we’ll have a successful and fun event on Saturday April 23rd. We hope their efforts will encourage you to support the Breakfast Event, and we hope to see you there on the 23rd, along with family and friends!

EAA240 Events Team

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